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At Creaseful...

...we are absolutely fascinated by linen and its numerous beneficial aspects.


Linen is considered one of the most  environmentally  friendly fiber available. Linen comes from a plant called flax and compared to cotton; flax uses significantly less water and pesticides to grow. Virtually no waste is created as much of the plant is used to serve different needs. Oil extracted from linseed can be made into dye; crushed linseed can be made into flour; and their stem is used to make Linen.

Linen is extremely breathable which helps our body to stay cool during warmer seasons. Pure Linen fabric is cool to the touch making it rather refreshing in the summer.  Linen is also naturally bacterial resistant which helps fight unwanted odour.

​We consider Linen as a gift from nature to us. We decided to regift this to everyone in the form of small gifts.

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